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We don't want lack of equipment to keep you away from the waves. We have everything you need!!


Do you like to ride a bike but don't have one or couldn't bring one with you? Use our rental service for bikes with or without board rack, and hit the road!



The sea is amazing and you didn't bring your bodyboard? We have the solution! And don't forget the swim fins, they are also included in the rental.



Is the sea too calm to go surfing? Don't worry! We have the ideal solution for you. Inflatable and practical to take with you wherever you go.



Surfing in Peniche's sea without a wetsuit is not the best option, the water temperature is not exactly the same as in the Caribbean Sea. As we don't want you to get cold, we have at your disposal the rental service of surf suits in Peniche.



How many times have you wanted to get into the waves, but you couldn't because you didn't have a board or you had no way to transport it to the desired destination? It was thinking about these situations that we created the surfboard rental service in Peniche.



Our skateboard rental service in Peniche is for you who would like to try some tricks, but don't have the equipment. Rent a skateboard from our store, train a lot and, who knows, you might even become the Portuguese Anthony Mosley.

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