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Wetsuit and surfboard rentals in Peniche

Don't miss the waves just because you don't have the equipment. Drop by our store and check our wetsuit and surfboard rental in Peniche. You can also rent a skate or a bike at our shop so you can have as much fun on land as at sea.

Surfboard Rental in Peniche

Surfboard Rental!

How many times did you want to catch some waves but couldn't because you had no board?

That's why we have launched our surf board rental in Peniche service. All you have to do is stop by our shop with an ID card, fill up the form and you are ready to go!

So that nothing can come between you and the waves!

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Wetsuits rental in Peniche

Wetsuits rental!

Surfing in Peniche without a wetsuit may not be the best choice. After all this is not the Caribbean Sea.

As we don't want you to get a cold, we invite you to come by and enjoy our wetsuit rental in Peniche.

Just bring your ID card, take care of the form and 2 minutes later you will be ready to face the waves well protected against the chill waters.

We support surf without hypothermia!

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Bike rental in Peniche

Bike rental in Peniche!

Would you like to ride a bike but don't have one or didn't bring one along?

No problem, just use our bike rental service!

You just have to go to our shop with an ID card, fill the form and you will be ready to hit the road!

Go and explore Peniche!

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Skate board rental

Skate board rental!

Our skateboard rental in Peniche aims those who would like to try some moves but don't have the equipment needed.

Rent a skateboard at our shop, work hard and you may be next Anthony Mosley.

There is fun on land too!

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