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You don't know where to stay in Peniche?

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We chose the best places for you to stay in Supertubos capital. After all, we want you to charge your batteries, so you make the most out of every challenges we offer you during your surf holidays in Peniche.

Peniche accommodation!

We know that just one day surfing isn't enough. Once you get your feet on a wave for the first time, you will never want to leave!

So, we at G3Store Surf Center thought on what we could do to draw your experience and give you the best surf holidays in Peniche.

The answer was simple: to set up partnerships with hostels and Local Lodging facilities so you could stay in Peniche, enjoying the waves.

Available lodging options

  • Shared rooms;
  • Private rooms;
  • Apartments;
  • Villas;
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It is not always easy to choose where to stay in Peniche, especially for first time visitors. But don't worry, we will help to make the right choice for you and your wallet.

Why choose our accommodation offers in Peniche?


Near the best surf spots so you don't waste time with commute;


We checked all lodgings to ensure quality so you don't get unpleasant surprises;


You will love the chilled atmosphere of our lodgings;


As guests arrive from all corners of the world, you may share experiences with different people from different cultures.

Focus on having fun and let us worry about getting you the perfect accommodation in Peniche, so you may recover your strength from your surfing days!

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On the beachfront

Fall in love for Peniche!

Visit Peniche and fall in love for the sun, the sea, the food and, above all, for its people.

We could give so many different reasons why Peniche is in our hearts however as a picture is worth more than a thousand words, watch this timelapse video of our homeland and realize why we love it.