Surf Camp in Peniche

This is the view you will wake up every day.

Gamboa Surf House

Why you should choose our Surf house in Peniche?

Visit Peniche and fall in love for the sun, the sea, the food and, above all, for its people. The G3 Surf House is a small villa located literally 10 steps from Gamboa beach.


Close to the best surf spots, so you won't waste time on the way.


The relaxed atmosphere will win you over immediately


Peniche is a small city surrounded by perfect waves, where you will always have a place where it's going to be offshore winds. It’s the perfect place for all levels of surfing.


As guests arrive from the 4 corners of the world, you have the opportunity to share experiences with people with different habits and cultures.

Ready for your next surf adventure?

If you want to live the full experience of a Surf Camp and discover the beauty of our beaches don't waste any time and come share with us this surfing adventure in Peniche.


Surf Camp Prices

What´s included :

- Accommodation located at 10 steps from Gamboa beach

- Maximum of 5 students per surf coach

- Free use of the surf gear during the stay

- Wifi, bed linen and bath towels

- Free videos and photos from the surf lessons

- 20% of discount in our Surf Shop and tattoo studio

- Group discounts for more than 4 people

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